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yea, yea, i know it's been a couple of days...
Friday night we hung out with muh dad in his whore house and ate pizza and watched the Ring 2...it was fun

Saturday (yesterday)- we spent all freakin' day at babys-R-US and registered for gifts, i think i ended up with like 200 things on my registry..it's great...after we got past all the safety stuff, i was just like "oh look thats pretty" and scanned the damn thing...i'm getting really excited and i cant wait to go shopping for Colie and Tori too. YAY!!!
Colie called me last night, i finally got to talk to her. She's busy alot, I MISS YOU!!! loveeeeee

Last night we watched that movie Saharah and it was really good.

Today i think i'm going to wal-mart to register for more stuff for the baby for people who cant get to babys-R-US...i dont really want to cause my heart is set on the things that i registered for yesterday but it's alright...i just hope these people take the stuff of the registry this time so i dont get a bunch of doubles like i did at my wedding..the rest of the day IDK whats up...guess i'll find out.

EDIT: Came home with a KILLER headache and muh baby took GREAT care of me. Rilee is going NUTS tonight, i think she wants to see Tori, i know i do..Going to watch a movie in the living room right now. I'm sleepy.

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